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November 10, 2012

Well, this is embarrassing…

Let me preface this by saying, we are not lighting novices. We have replaced our fair share of light fixtures – from interior to exterior, from the laundry room to the office, we have replaced almost every light fixture in our house. But something just wasn’t working in our guest bedroom.

About a year ago, the IKEA fixture in our guest bedroom went out. Initially thinking the bulb had burned out, I replaced it. But with a replacement bulb, the fixture still was not working. Not wanting to spend money or make a trip to IKEA, we spent a couple dollars on new wiring and re-wired the fixture. Still no worky.

So our guest bedroom sat in the dark for a year until we were able to get our hands on a new IKEA fixture (I have no shame for how much I love IKEA, deal with it).

I love the paper lantern hanging over our dining table, so the Vate fixture was an easy decision for me. I felt especially confident in my choice after Morgan of The Brick House pinned the Vate fixture for nursery lighting (our guest bedroom will likely be a nursery someday and I have not held myself back from decorating it accordingly).

OK, back to my embarrassment. In a rush to host a gathering this week, we spent an evening wiring up the new light fixture. As most IKEA products go, the instructions were a little vague. Not a good combination with… ELECTRICITY. Using our knowledge of wiring, we hook everything up and flip the breaker. Nothing…

Reluctantly, we switch our wiring thinking the unclear IKEA wiring was our previous mistake. Still nothing…

We check all wiring with our multimeter – the house wiring, the fixture wiring. We call Rob’s dad for additional ideas. “Of course you’ve checked your bulb…”
Of course. What do you think we are? Idiots? That’s the first thing we did a year ago – replaced the supposedly burned out bulb with… Oh.

Let this be a lesson to everyone. Save yourself from embarrassment – throw out your burned out bulbs lest you want to mistake an oldie for a newby and spend a year in an unlit room.

On the bright side (I’m punny), we have a new guest bedroom light fixture and boy, is it dramatic.


Proof it works…


August 6, 2012

Antiquing, etc.

Long time no post! I really don’t know what has happened. I suppose I’ve just been mentally busy. Luckily, there has been an occasional thrifting/antiquing session for stress relief. Because of that, I have a ton of finds to post about!

Let’s start with the latest and greatest. This weekend, I had a very strong urge to go thrifting. And not just my regular thrifting. I wanted to thrift in new locations. I tend to revisit the same shops out of familiarity, but knew my last visit had been far too recent for any good finds. So I started searching for new haunts.

Now notice that I’m talking about thrifting when this post is titled antiquing. Well, as I was driving to a “new” thrift store, I realized I was just around the corner from my favorite antique mall. So I stopped in. In what was a combination of running out of time for the day, needing to use the rest room (but not their restroom) and knowing I shouldn’t spend any money, I breezed through the shop noting some beautiful items before I was on my way.

They were:

Beautiful glazed pottery.


Full-sized cow hide.


Large Oil Painting.


More gorgeous pottery.

After leaving, I couldn’t help but think about one item in particular. It took some convincing, but by the next morning, Rob had agreed that I could go nab it.

I promptly hung it in the guest bedroom.

Love. it.

May 24, 2011

By Popular Request

Really just one…

More pictures of our guest bedroom, now featuring its first guest-sketch.

November 30, 2010

Guest Bedroom

Come stay a while!

November 15, 2010

Chalk Wall

Rob and I had a blast painting the chalkboard accent wall in the guest bedroom. It was so refreshing to paint such a dark color after all of the off-whites around the rest of our house.

Thanks Jessi and Brandon for the 1/2 quart donation.


We found a winner for entertaining the kiddos (our 2 nephews). It’s too bad the new bed will cover up most of the chalk wall. Perhaps it’s the perfect excuse for painting our other textureless wall of the house.


October 31, 2010


Are  you ready for another mood board? Sure you are!

This time I’m tackling the Guest Bedroom, which has had a significant amount of use despite the fact that it lacks a bed.

1.  Our dark wood floors have been installed and they are beautiful!

2.  To soften and add warmth to those wood floors, I’d like to throw a couple of sheep skins around the room.

3.  Not an original idea in the least, but I’m very excited to add a chalkboard accent wall behind the bed. This wall used to be an accent in a different way, with wallpaper that matched the ceiling border around the rest of the room. Having torn down that full-height wallpaper, we were left with three textured walls and  one completely flat wall. Rather than go through the pain and agony of putting our own texture on that wall, we decided to take advantage of its flatness by painting it with chalkboard paint. We’re hoping our guests will leave us notes on our “guestbook wall”.

4.  I am totally digging this bed from IKEA. Surprisingly, there are very few beds at IKEA that I actually like, most being super modern, which I did not want for this room. This bed will bring a slight feminine edge to the house, which we are greatly lacking.

5.  You’ve seen this side table before. I guess you could say this is the inspiration piece for the room and why I didn’t want anything super low or super modern for this bedroom.

6.  A bookcase is already in place and being used in the Guest Bedroom. We thought it would be a great place to store a few books and framed photos for our guests to enjoy.

7.  We had this same IKEA light fixture in our bedroom back at the townhouse. We loved it and thought the Guest Bedroom would be the perfect place to install another.

8.  I’m thinking the drapes are a great place to infuse some interest to the room. This is the same color of yellow that’s in the Kitchen and Living Room. It’s terribly trendy, but it makes me happy.

9.  A small, white lamp is in order to place against the dark chalkboard wall.

10.  And if there’s room left after cramming all of this stuff into our teeny, tiny Guest Bedroom, we’ll throw around a plant or two for good measure.

So check back with us! We’re currently priming the walls for paint and planning a quick trip to IKEA for a bed!