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July 24, 2011

Antiquing, etc.

Back in November, I posted about my latest trip to River City Trading Post in Jenks, Oklahoma. I had forgotten that I had given myself a restriction date of the next time I could make a visit. Lucky for me, I said May.

This time, the trip included two newbies, my sister-in-law Sarah and my step-mom Deb; and two converts, my Mom and my cousin Bethany. I was told not to go crazy, so my purchases were slim.

First, here are the photo-worthy items that were not quite worthy of my budget.

A very handsome (shout out to Jessica H.) and beautifully aged chest of drawers.

A Frankoma vase that looks to be the big brother to a bud vase gifted to me by my step-mom Ali. I posted about it here.

A very pretty brass wall candelabra. I would have purchased this if Rob’s words of caution weren’t ringing in my ears. See, Rob. I do listen to you.

Another cool vase that is similar in style to one I picked up in Oklahoma City recently. I don’t think I’ve posted about it, but for those who are interested, it’s on the console table behind the sofa in the living room in recent pictures.

A very cool Martini set that seemed to include the two shakers behind it. I would have purchased this for our bar if I had known what the majority of those tools are for. Bartender fail.

And for the items that slipped past Rob’s nagging song.

A set of lotus serving bowls. Okay, not so vintage/antiquey, but definitely needed. I am contemplating giving the largest blue bowl to sis-in-law Sarah since I don’t see cobalt blue being an accent color for me.

And the find I am most excited about.

I do believe I found a Franco Albini ottoman to rival my two pier one knock-offs. It’s not in great shape (severely sun bleached, a couple broken rattan pieces and a few ties missing), but it’s beautiful and apparently comfy.

See? She likes it. Its current home is in Rob’s office. He had been wanting a little spot for the cats to hang out while he’s working (other than his lap).

February 27, 2011

Final Destination

Rob’s office has gone from the Final Frontier to the Final Destination… I’m really reaching, huh?

A couple weekends ago, Rob made his infamous lone trip to IKEA. He fit about as much as he could into his little, yet surprisingly big car while still being able to drive it home. We then took the next couple of weeks to finish putting all of his furniture together, which included making a second trip to IKEA to pick up perviously out of stock items and frustratingly missing pieces.

I’d still like to add a few items – more art, a rug and a plant (every office needs a neglected well loved plant, right?), but here’s the much more inviting office.

We purchased the Morebo glass doors for our IKEA Billy bookcases and lined the doors with dark gray fabric (which turned navy behind the glass). The desk is the Besta Burs. My favorite bit is the Alex drawers from IKEA. I specifically chose black first, because I don’t think I can take much more white in the house, and second, to allow our black printer to blend in with its surroundings rather than clash with them.

With our makeover, Rob was given tons more hidden storage. He can now store just about anything he wants in the bookcases without worrying how it looks (or how I feel about it). He has drawers in both his desk and under the printer for all sorts of officey things like pens, paper, rubber bands, etc. He also got some Expedit bookcases in his closet to act as cubbies for miscellaneous items like DVD binders and software boxes.

The new setup has already proven productive, as Rob has been able to launch his own website focusing on his video production.

January 24, 2011


I know I was.

January 19, 2011

The Final Frontier

Sorry for the lack of posts. Some wonderful stuff has been going on at the house on Penny Lane and the last thing on my mind was, well… the house on Penny Lane. Fortunately, Rob has forced my mind back with the state of his office.

Around these parts, Rob’s office is very much the final frontier. Its potential has been the last to be explored, not to mention it’s the last room on the official tour, which ends very much with a whimper.

So here’s the mood board!

1.  Our beautiful wood floors extend all the way to even Rob’s galaxy.

2.  A geometric black and white rug will bring pattern to an otherwise monotonous room.

3.  A Besta desk from IKEA. I’ve been eyeing this desk for a while. It’s long and narrow – perfect for seating two (if needed) in a small space.

4.  Good ol’ Billy bookcases from IKEA. We already have 3  of the larger units, we just need a couple thinner units to fully span the wall in the office. I’m trying to talk Rob into adding doors to the bookcases, but we’ll see.

5.  A black drawer unit from, who else, IKEA. This will be the perfect landing pad for the printer and any other necessary electronics that we don’t want stored on top of the desk. I chose black over white for a bit of unexpected contrast amongst the furniture with an added bonus of camouflaging our large, black printer.

6.  Clocks! Rob is a man who loves clocks. Well here’s your chance, Rob. Choose one or choose them all! Have a wall of clocks, I dare you!

a.  Solar system clock: very fitting for the galactic office, no? This clock depicts heavenly bodies orbiting around the sun.

b.  Giant flip clock: my personal favorite.

c.  Slim wall clock: I thought this might work well mounted on the narrow bit of wall between the two windows in the office.

d. Grayscale clock: a clock after my own heart.

e. Multicolored clock: unexpected, right?

Guess what? I already know which clock Rob has selected. Can you guess which one it is?