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May 3, 2013

April Showers…

… Only seem to bring more May showers. Supposedly, it’s springtime. But 34 degrees and raining doesn’t really feel like spring. So my week old plants are covered for protection against the freezing wind…

Covered Plants

What’s that? A new garden bed? OK, let’s take a few steps back. You may remember this landscape plan that I drew up for my front yard.


I created this plan almost a year ago after ripping out the shrubs in front of our picture window. My main objective with this change was to remove the overgrown grass that was impossible to cut and choking out pretty daylilies. Oh, and, ya know, to look nice.

Front Yard Before

But once I started really thinking about it, I realized I wanted to go BIGGER. And I came up with this plan.

Yeah. And I wasn’t scared AT ALL. So two weeks and two freezes ago, I started building a new garden in my front yard. The first day I spent laying out the shape of the bed, which took all of 15 minutes, and digging out 5 square feet of grass, which took 2 hours. It was not happening and I was in over my head. Luckily, there are things called Home Depots and they let you rent large pieces of equipment like sod cutters to help in times like these.

Here I am with the sod cutter whipping around my front yard for another pass at ripping out some grass. I look swift, don’t I? I was not, not at all, swift. I am walking at a speed of about .000000025 miles per hour in this picture. This sod cutter was a beast. The next day, and for 3 days after that, I felt like I had been rowing myself around the Atlantic Ocean. But the majority of the grass was out.

That’s a lot of blood, sweat, and tears right there. But the fun part was coming…


There was so much fun to be had that Rob even got into the spirit of things.

He rigged up a time lapse session to document the less labor intensive bit of this whole project.


February 28, 2013

Making Waves

I always said I wanted a beach vacation. I should have specified that the waves should be in the ocean, not in my air ducts.

This past week has been a doozy. But let me start off by saying, it could have been a lot worse. Long story short, we unknowingly had a slab leak for an extended period of time. The point at which we realized we had a slab leak? The water meter was spinning out of control and our floor ducts began filling with water. Let’s just say it was a little unsettling.

Thankfully, we had a reliable plumber on speed dial who put up with my panicking. Instead of tearing up my floors and jack hammering my slab to find the leak, they re-routed the lines through the attic. We still need to get our ducts cleaned, get some walls patched from accessing the plumbing and add insulation to our attic to ensure no frozen pipes.

Here’s a video of the unwelcome sloshing. For best results, turn your volume up.

February 15, 2010

Unkept Promises

Last week I promised we would have our bathroom painting finished.  It looks like I lied.  We did, however, manage to paint another coat and celebrate Valentine’s Day the best way we know how – by chowing down on chocolate dipped fruit while watching the new season of The Amazing Race.

Chocolate dipped fruit is one of my favorite (read: only) desserts to make.  I usually make it for special occasions or for gifting.  It’s essentially your choice of fruit – I’ve done bananas and pineapples, but this time we went for apples and strawberries; and semi-sweet chocolate chips melted in a Crockpot.  Once dipped, the fruit is refrigerated to create a chocolate-y  hard shell.

Rob took some awesome pictures while I licked up slaved over the chocolate.

And here’s some bonus cat footage for ya.  In an effort to keep this house related – Jin and Polly have recently discovered the warm tile in our house.  It’s a tile near their eating area that gets inexplicably warm, almost hot.  It is now their favorite napping spot on cold days.

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December 8, 2009

Inspired, again.

I am constantly on my computer.  And Rob is constantly nagging at me to get off my computer.  What he doesn’t know is that at any moment, I could find inspiration on my computer.  Take Thursday night, for example.  I was up far too late, reading and rereading interior design blogs.  Sometime around 11pm, I was reminded of a design book I had received last Christmas.  I realized that I hadn’t opened this book since we found our house, which meant I could look through it with fresh eyes. I found the book and began flipping through the pages.  I was excited to find images like this one that put looks together that I had only imagined.

And images like this one that encouraged more imagination.

I had previously picked out a drum shade pendant to replace the countrified faux patina chandelier that came with the house. But the above image had me wondering if I could find something even larger in scale.  I returned to my computer and started searching for an alternative.  I quickly came across a popular kids’ craft involving a balloon, some yarn, and glue.  I did a bit more research and found the craft adapted to the scale I had in mind. The next morning, I told Rob he was either going to love me or hate me because I had a great idea.  I was going to DIY a dining room light fixture and save us $150 in the process.

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The obligatory “before” pictures

Rob installing the new pendant

And the “afters”

We’ll see how long it stays up there!

October 8, 2009

Cat Proofing Round 2

Taylor’s had this crazy idea for keeping the cats off of the kitchen counters. I didn’t fully understand how it was supposed to work at first, but after seeing it in action tonight… I’m impressed.

Forgive the blurriness during the high octane moments. My lens isn’t the best for following frenetically frantic felines.

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September 15, 2009

John says hello.

One of the very first things we did after moving in was replace the toilet seat in the master bathroom. It was old, rickety, and stupid. We really thought there was going to be a lot to research going into this, such as “what size do we get?” “How do we know this is compatible with our current camode?” “Do we get white, whitish, or mostly white?” But it turns there’s just round lids, and elongated lids. So we chose the cheapest round lid, then said “let’s splurge!”, and ended up going up a step to get a slow closing one. No slamming the lid for us!

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September 11, 2009

Cat proofing the house… and one step closer to calling them our children.

When we moved out of our old townhouse, we had just devised a system of where to put everything we didn’t want the cats to touch, out of their reach. The food was inaccessible, the toilet paper was hidden, and Jin couldn’t chew on my glasses any more after I put them in the bedside table. There was the catnip raid from a couple of weeks ago, but by that point we were halfway packed to move, and couldn’t care less.

So since we’ve moved into this house, it’s been a whole new learning process of how to keep the cats away from different items. Most important: the food.


Both Jin and Polly have very sensitive stomachs, and the slightest overload of protein sets their bowels-a-blazin’ in a colorful variety of ways. Luckily we found some child-proof cabinet devices at ACE, which has become our second Target.


As you can see, there’s a white thing that latches onto another white thing, and a human thing has to push it to open the door. The cats will figure it out, within the 6 months, but until then they are terribly vexed!

Another major issue we didn’t even think about was the fireplace, which has no barrier except for a flimsy, easily movable metal screen. We made getting fireplace doors a priority, and quickly found out that it’s next to impossible to get them installed with our style of fireplace. So while we wait for fireplace glass door technology to evolve (I anxiously await their next keynote!), we went with the next best thing: duct tape. And it’s actually working pretty well.

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Click on the Vimeo link in the player for a larger version of the video.

Clearly the aesthetics leave something to the imagination, but we can always paint the duct tape. Seriously though, we’re still working on getting some doors from somewhere, and in the mean time I think we’re going to screw it in to the stone or something. I haven’t thought about it much, it’s been bumped from top priority since I got Beatles: Rock Band.